About Grey Kitchen Cabinets

An expert interior designer would mention that kitchen cabinets would cost you 50% of your total kitchen renovation budget and take up more than forty percentage of space in your kitchen. In fact the colors you use on them would make or break your kitchen ambiance.  One of the most popular colors used to pain kitchen cabinets is the grey color. Surprisingly most homeowners feel daunted to use this color as it is very austere and chilly when compared to warm neutral toned colors like tan and beige. But if you love the color grey, you can log into the Ikeya website and have a look into their blue- Grey Kitchen Cabinets and all your apprehensions would be dissolved in thin air. The color grey could be used to design both traditional and modern styles of kitchen cabinets. Below we have tried to explain a few styles which you can use in your kitchen to make it look beautiful.

Playing with the light and darker versions of grey color

Most homeowners make the mistake of not understanding the decoration needs of their kitchen before they select a color for their cabinet. This is a grave mistake which could make or break their new kitchens renovated look. Colors create an illusion and this is one aspect that you need to keep in mind when you use grey colored kitchen cabinets in your kitchen. For example if you have a large airy kitchen which receives abundant sunshine, you can use dark colored grey colored kitchen cabinets to add warmth to it. This would also make your kitchen cozy and give the impression of being a little smaller.  However if you have a small kitchen you can create the illusion of space by using light grey colored kitchen cabinets in your kitchen. Here you have to understand that deep colors absorb lights, while lighter shades of grey in your kitchen cabinet reflect light.

Using the cool and warm tones of grey

You think the color is a simple color and would be astonished when you are told by a color expert explains that it is influenced by colors tones of blue, red and yellow.  These hues are considered important as they add cool and warm tones to the main color, which is grey here.  A simple example would make this clearer. Grey kitchen cabinets with blue tones from the brand Ikeya would make it enjoy a shade which has aspects of steel in it. While a grey colored kitchen cabinet having a red tone would make it look similar, to a taupe color. The best way to clear all your doubts is to take small painted grey chips and use various warm and cool tones on them. They then can be placed on the kitchen wall and you can analyze their effects. Once you know which tone is right for your kitchen, then you can select the tone and use it in your kitchen cabinets.

Experimenting with painted and stained hues

One of the best things about using Grey Kitchen Cabinets is that you can experiment a lot with them.  One method which you could use is by painting your wooden kitchen cabinets with an opaque gray shade. The effect would be beautiful and one could also see the fine grains of the wood along with subtle grey shade over it. The second method would be to add visual textures in the wood of your kitchen cabinet. This simple effect is achieved by using dark or light stains over the wooden surface of your kitchen cabinet. These stained cabinets can be easily maintained and also ensure that your kitchen as a classy look once they are implemented. Here do not forget to add a protective coating on the surface of your kitchen cabinets to make them more durable.

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Using vibrant counter top colors

A great way to add zing in your grey colored kitchen cabinets is to use vibrant counter top colors in them. Here you can select from white to tan. If you are bored with the subtle look, you can add a pop of color, by introducing aqua or neon colors in them. However if you still love the simple classy natural look, you can use granite, marbles in the countertop of your grey colored kitchen cabinets.  Marble works best here, as they have grey elements in them already.

Are you very reluctant to enter your kitchen as you have things cluttered everywhere and this makes your work in the kitchen very cumbersome? In case this is becoming a big hassle and you are having problems in doing your daily kitchen work, its time you got yourself organized and got yourself grey kitchen cabinets in your kitchen. These grey colored kitchen cabinets can be used to organize your kitchen essentials. Below we have explained a few handy tips which would help you to organize your kitchen in a better manner.

Organize the placement of your kitchen cabinets

If you have more than one kitchen cabinet in your kitchen it is essential that you remove all the kitchen cabinets and try to place your grey colored cabinets strategically around the kitchen. Here you can also categorize a specific cabinet for a specific essential kitchen essential item. For example they could be one large cabinet food and a smaller one for your tableware.

Use sunshine to create illusion

When you have a few Grey Kitchen Cabinets, you can create illusion with them. For example dark grey colored kitchen cabinets can be used to give the illusion of a smaller kitchen while lighter shaded ones can be used to reflect light and create the impression of much space, when the kitchen is small.

Organize the kitchen essentials in the cabinet as per their use

When you have a grey colored kitchen cabinet, you can organize your kitchen essentials according to their daily usage. For example cereal boxes and sauces can be placed in a shelf where it can be easily reached, as it is frequently used. Other food items like processed foods can be kept in upper shelves as they are less frequently used. This would create more convenience for you when you work.

Your shelves should be specifically designed to tackle difficult items in the kitchen

When you are investing in grey colored kitchen cabinets, you might face problem when storing the lids of your daily used pots and pans. Here when buying them, you can introduce customized shelves which would help you to store the lids of your various pots and pans conveniently.  Racks can be created and this would keep the lids in place.

Adding depth in the shelves to store your canned foods

Now days most people use a large amount of canned foods in their daily diet. But these cans need your shelves to have a reasonable depth in them. Thus when investing in a grey colored cabinets use a shelf organizer which is tiered in design. This would help you to view and store your canned goods in a better manner.

Create a spice rack in your grey colored kitchen

Spices are used daily in our kitchen but they have to be stored well. Here you can create a spice rack in your grey colored kitchen cabinets and this would help you to work in your kitchen efficiently.